The escapists apk – Game info

You will be required to complete various redesigns and buy some unique forces to get hold of these enchanted assaults. A portion of these mysterious forces incorporate assaulting your adversaries with fire, freezing them with ice or in any event, discarding them with wind.

The escapists apk – Game info

The escapists apk has each component that can zest up your gaming experience. On the off chance that you are sitting inactive and need to enjoy something, at that point there can be nothing better than playing escapists 2 Special Edition. It will get you dependent inside an exceptionally limited capacity to focus time as the engineers have guaranteed that they include all the amazing highlights in it.
The game is a without a doubt activity game that has different characters in it. Consequently you play a job other than battling your adversaries in the game. You should battle with escapists 2 as they will be your greatest rival in the game.


This uncommon release of the game has a totally new storyline that is extremely engaging and fascinating. The first form of the game has been a hot cake among gamers around the world.

It was adored by a large number of Android clients and the equivalent is now experienced by the Escapists 2 extraordinary version. Actually, this time it is the uncommon release and has gotten far superior to its partner.


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