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When a Driver Company calls you to take their business away from you, it’s not your fault they are a greedy thief. It is illegal for an on-call driver company to steal from you, and they could even face felony charges if they were to steal from you on the job. On-call driver companies will be sending your payments to one of two companies. One of these companies is a scam and the other is a legitimate business. If you are ever offered a check for thousands of dollars to pay a bill when you are not present, it is probably a scam.

Driver Company – Trucking Companies Struggle to Find Drivers

Most driver companies will make sure you know the money is going to a payroll company for you. They will tell you the payroll company is cheaper. This is because they charge a fee for any work that your employee does. This is a great way to get yourself in debt. They know that your paycheck goes to their payroll company, so they will be charging a little higher fee than your normal fees. This way they are going to make more money off your payment.

The most common complaint about this type of service is that the payroll company doesn’t send your money until your employee has been paid. With a reputable driver company, your money never leaves your pocket. Your money never leaves your employee’s pocket.

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