A brief introduction to astral travel

Here is some very helpful Mind Consciousness Tips to help you jumpstart your astral travel. With the current state of the economy, people are looking for new ways to save their money and come up with alternate ways to travel the planes. There are many different spiritual practices that may provide a better way to travel through the Astral Plane.

Astral travel – Binaural Sleep Meditation, Out of Body Experience

The first Mind Consciousness Tip that you need to understand is that you are all one with your Higher Self. This is not limited to humans alone; all living things have this capability. When you visit your Spirit Guides or your higher self, you will find it helps you to focus your attention on what you are doing at the moment. As we travel through time, it is important to remember that we travel through all planes together and we live in the moment.

Remember, when you try to focus on your ego and continue to do so, you will never get where you are going. What you must do is to become focused on your Higher Self; it is this that enables you to succeed in your astral journey. Do not give into your ego any longer; learn to be master of yourself and then you will discover more freedom and more success in your life.

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