Best squirrel proof bird feeder – Five Things to Ensure Your Selection is a Success

There is a big difference between the squirrel proof bird feeder and other types of feeders. A squirrel-proof bird feeder is designed to help prevent squirrels from climbing your feeder, chewing on your seeds, eating bugs and birds, or eating seed instead of fruits. The best squirrel proof bird feeder comes in various designs, designs, and mechanisms.

Best squirrel proof bird feeder – Can A Bird Feeder Really Be Squirrel Proof?

While there are lots of these feeders out there, be sure to pick the best one that perfectly suits your needs. If your neighborhood always has many squirrels roaming around your garden trees and you constantly see them jumping around the bushes, then you might want to install a stationary squirrel proof bird feeder or a rotating squirrel proof bird feeder.

The rotating squirrel proof bird feeder allows the squirrel to move around freely so it can not get caught up by the rotating motion. On the other hand, if you live in an area that has a lot of trees and bushes where you cannot keep away the squirrels then you need a stationary squirrel proof bird feeding cage. You can also use a net for keeping squirrels away. To protect your seed from them, then you need a cover such as plastic, paper, or wood. Another important factor that determines the squirrel proof bird feeder is the type of squirrels you live with.

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