Jersey City Recording Studio – Premier recording studio

Jersey City Recording Studio” is a premier recording studio located near the Lincoln Tunnel on New Jersey’s Hudson River. Founded in 2020 by Mark and Jessica Deutsch, “Jersey City Recording Studio” offers excellent studio facilities with a personal touch. “Jersey City Recording Studio” is a full service studio located in Unionville, New Jersey. Established in 2020, we’ve served thousands of artists from all over the world. Our services include; vocal productions, instrumentalists, music producers, editors, musicians, technicians, music promotion and much more. Our studio offers studio tours, private parking, 24 hour security, free internet access and a convenient location.

Jersey City Recording Studio – Professional sound equipment including Pro Tools

Our studio is equipped with professional sound equipment including Pro Tools, Digidesign, Yamaha Music Studio, Korg, Cd Media Player, Sony Play Station, and an LCD TV with cable. We offer a private studio manager, studio space, studio services, studio rentals, sound-proofing and much more. We offer professional studio management, training, booking, and much more.

We believe in producing only the finest quality music for the most discriminating clientele. Our main goal is to give our clients the very best service possible, including providing them with a studio that is fully equipped with state of the art technology. Our studio provides high-quality services for top artist, studio managers, instrumentalists, vocalists, and other top recording professionals. We are constantly searching for new ways to improve our business. and improve our services for our clients.

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