Michelin Primacy 3 Review – Why the Best?

Michelin primacy 3

Michelin Premier is the ultimate product in the luxury tyre marketplace, offering all the performance and comfort a demanding rider could wish for on a top quality tyre with unparalleled speed figures and unmatched dynamics. Michelin Premier is a high performance all season tyre created by Michelin for the professional Touring car market. This year’s tyre delivers exceptional dry and wet handling, superb traction and is also now original equipment on many luxury touring cars such as BMW 5 & 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-class and Audi A6.

Michelin Primacy 3 Review – Why the Best?

Michelin’s 3-series products have always been renowned for their unbeatable grip and superb handling qualities. The Michelin primacy 3 is no exception with its highly advanced V-Tec moulded sidewall construction ensuring maximum gripping surface area and compression for ultimate power and support. Additional drag compounds such as Michelin’s Proxes are used to further enhance performance, particularly at the start of the break. Michelin’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) is supplemented by variable-link rear suspension, fully adjustable rebound and damping control with Torsion spring and hydraulic brake systems, to provide complete control. Michelin’s multi-layer sponge compounds on the front and rear tyres offer superb reliability and durability; whilst the tread pattern on these tyres is identical on all models.

Michelin’s prime challenge has always been to improve tyre wear time and improve fuel consumption efficiency. The Michelin premier is very versatile, being able to be used on both dry and wet surfaces. It is the ultimate in dry grip tyres due to its deep grooves that enable the sidewalls to remain firmly wed to the track, even during extreme conditions. Its high profile, tapered edge tread helps to ensure maximum control and acceleration. Its deep grooves also improve lateral stability, but is not able to add any extra speed.

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